Empowered workouts, in new styles - Introducing the new Boom Bike in Mist Grey and Tuscany Yellow!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of two new colors for our Boom Bike - Mist Grey and Tuscany Yellow, joining the already popular Arctic White. Powerful as ever, yet more compact than before - with size smaller than a yoga mat. Embedded with dynamic light strips to add excitement to your workout. Get ready to elevate your fitness routine with these dynamic and stylish colors!


Elevate your workouts with class and versatility

freebeat Boom Bike Mist Grey

Sleek and sophisticated Boom Bike in Mist Grey will sure to elevate your workouts. Its classic and versatile design is perfect for any fitness routine, and its elegant touch is sure to add some sophistication to your fitness journey. Get ready to ride in style with the timeless and dynamic Boom Bike Mist Grey.

Add some energy and fun to your fitness routine

freebeat Boom Bike Tuscany Yellow

The Boom Bike Tuscany Yellow adds is a burst of energy and fun that is sure to brighten up your workouts. Its vibrant and dynamic design is perfect for adding some excitement to your fitness routine, and its compact size allows you to transform any space into your own fitness oasis. Get ready to have a fun ride with the Tuscany Yellow Boom Bike, and add some color to your workouts.