2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers

Ahh, so it's that time of the year again! If you're like us, we always struggle with what to get people. Finding the perfect gift for your friends and family is hard, and yes, we're confessing here. Buuut... we've created the ultimate holiday gift guide AKA freebeat's Christmas wish list. If you're shopping for a home exerciser, a gym rat or if they like anything health and fitness, here are a few ideas for yourself or someone on your list!

Athletic Clothing

If you or your loved ones are looking for workout clothes, look no further! Lululemon has excellent performance to lounge options for both genders. They have amazing quality clothing that works with all needs and is flattering to a ton of body shapes and sizes. Their leggings are super cute with support from high to low that can complement all body shapes! Plus, they can make some amazingly soft and comfortable loungewear. Don't forget to check out the list below for our other top pick of leggings!

    Home Gym Equipment

    We may be biased, but freebeat's flagship product, freebeat bike, is a great gift for anyone just starting their fitness journey or looking for high-quality home exercise equipment. Xbike comes with a 22" rotating HD touchscreen that swivels so you can hop off your bike and follow the rockstar instructors anywhere. Not to mention that you'll never have to endure another dull moment during your fitness journey with its energetically curated music and beat-based choreography. Currently we offer a $450 off discount and a free 45-day membership ($59 Value) to interactive fitness with your xbike purchase. Here are some of the features you get when you buy an xbike:
    • Gamified workouts
    • Unlimited on-demand classes
    • Performance tracking
    • Smart dumbbelll
    pssst... FREE Shipping in US!

    Workout Essentials

    This is probably on every holiday gift guide for fitness lovers, and for a good reason because you can never be wrong! What is a gym sesh without music? And... that requires good headphones, something that actually stays in your ears! To be honest, choosing headphones can be difficult because some people like earbuds, and some prefer headphones. So what do you do? Get a gift card from Apple and let them decide! Another great gift idea would be shoes because you can never have too many. More inspiration can be found in our Freebeat's Pick: Top 4 Indoor Cycling Shoes.

    Recovery kit

    Every athlete needs a recovery kit. I repeat. Every athlete needs a recovery kit. If you start a new training program, you may not be sore immediately, but you will probably feel it kick in a few days later. In addition to a recovery kit, you can try a kombucha homebrew kit, which is a fermented tea, has high health benefits, and is also good for the gut! So if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and are looking for a hobby, this can be a good option. To make a recovery kit, grab a few items and put them in a basket - here are a few ideas:
    We hope these ideas help with some of your gift-giving struggles. Stay tuned for our blog next week about 12 Days of Fitness Christmas and happy shopping!