Our mission is to integrate motivations to inspire a wholesome lifestyle for everyone worldwide.

Freebeat’s rockstar instructors will guide you through an inspirational fitness journey that’s designed to benefit your mind and body with one-of-a-kind gamified experience. You would immerse yourself in instructor-curated high-energy music and follow our signature choreography to move in synced rhythm. It’s a ride. It’s a rhythm game. It’s fun.


A party doesn't complete without surprises. Rotate the 22'' HD touchscreen to discover more crosstraining courses including HIIT, Barre, Kickboxing and Rhythm Yoga. It's a compact home fitness terminal beyond imagination.

We have the surprise for you, and you would surprise yourself with your incredible dedication and power. You are stronger than you ever thought possible.
Game on. Change your body. Find your beat.


Ride with honesty.


With every rhythm of the pedal, we score combos to the beat. The gamification system allows us to connect and compete with our friends and family and nurtures deep bonds within the freebeat community. Throughout the synchronous experience, we laugh, we sweat, we grow - and we ride with the best as a community.

Ride with sophistication.


Every drop of sweat counts. freebeat’s sensors would never miss a single pedal from you. Whenever you feel the vibe and give another push on the bike, our system records your performance and recommends the best training program to suit your needs. freebeat knows what you like, and any smart class recommendation could be your new favorite.

Ride with excitement.


Freebeat creates an alternative to any dull fitness routine. We have built a fun interactive game to bring studio cycling and strength training experience to the comfort of your home. Every class is unique, thanks to the distinct computer-generated special effects developed by our own tech team. The beat-matching gamification makes it feel like dancing with a smart bike instead of just working out on a stationary bike.


We are a group of passionate fellas, who aim to bring a wholesome lifestyle to everyone around the world. The founding team comes from a variety field of expertise across global companies, including Bridgewater, Apple, Microsoft, NBA, Esquire, Soulcycle, Diesel, G-Star RAW, and Macquarie Group. Prior to their career paths, the founding team received educations from world’s top schools, including Stanford, Williams College, Washington University in St.Louis, and University of Toronto.