Fairmont Post gives our Boom Bike a 9/10!

freebeat's all new Boom Bike was just featured on Fairmont Post! They loved the bike's amazing features, and were stunned by it's unique design. Check out the whole article here!

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 freebeat Boom Bike Review – The Best Exercise Bike for Fans of Home Fitness

Score: 9/10

freebeat Boom Bike

What is freebeat?

freebeat is an exercise equipment and international fitness brand that makes at-home gym equipment.  Their main products are indoor cycling bikes programmed with on-demand classes available over Wi-Fi. Each freebeat bike has an immersive, front-facing HD touchscreen attached, where users can access all of their classes. The touchscreen can also be rotated for a quick transition between cycling and floor-based workouts. On-demand classes also feature a leaderboard that allows riders to see how they rank against other people who have taken or are taking that same class, making it a competitive experience that is sure to incentivize you to keep on riding.


  • Beautiful and robust design
  • Fantastic workouts
  • Competitive price
  • Small footprint
  • Shareability (up to 10 users under one account)


  • Must pay for monthly subscription
  • Not compatible with other apps
  • Small screen

A bike that takes a different approach to motivating you

The freebeat Boom Bike is nothing short of excellent. Not only does it feature a refined and robust design that supports you through an energetic cycling session, but the music based classes are a genuine game-changer for those who struggle with workout motivation.

The freebeat Boom Bike makes for a highly interactive indoor cycling experience. It’s loaded with impressive features that makes cycling so much fun. In this review, we will highlight everything you need to know before you take this bike home.

Freebeat Boom Bike Review - The Best Exercise Bike for Fans of Home Fitness


In terms of mechanics, the Boom Bike doesn’t come with many cons. It’s easy to ride, stable and can fit easily into most types of rooms, including bedrooms and offices.  The bike is also highly adjustable- the seat, resistance level, and touchscreen can all be adapted to fit your needs and make for a comfortable experience.

The 16″ rotatable screen’s quality is great as far as touchscreens go. The UI is laid out very well and and easy to navigate. It only took a few minutes to learn and find the classes that we wanted.  You can also do off the bike workouts, so you can get more value out of your investment- its not just a bike ride itself.

With the freebeat Boom Bike, you’re always pushing to be perfect- and that’s what makes it fun and helps you get the most out of your workout. Another great motivational feature is the Arena, a place where you can find challenges and rewards that come in the form of gift cards.

To put it simply, the Boom Bike is a stunning piece of equipment. With a sleek and robust design, a beautifully crisp display and immersive classes from professional instructors, the Boom Bike is a pleasure to use.


The Boom Bike is competitive priced at $1299, and with the current launch sale, freebeat is offering $600 off, which is a tremendously good deal. However, in order to enjoy the Boom Bike at its fullest, you’ll have to sign up for the subscription service, which costs $39 per month. Yes, that’s definitely not cheap, but if you take into consideration the number of classes being uploaded to the platform every month across multiple fitness disciplines, there’s a lot on offer. Compare that to how much you could spend per month going to multiple boutique studios, and you’re definitely saving in the long run.

Who the bike is best for

The Boom Bike works for both beginners and seasoned riders. Whether you’re new to the sport or looking to take your cycling game to the next level, freebeat offers a wide variety of classes suitable for all fitness and skill levels. Owning a Boom Bike is a great option for those interested in starting at-home workouts or building out an existing home gym. Since cycling is a low-impact physical activity that’s easy on your joints, back and knees, the Boom Bike is one cardio option that many people with injuries or arthritis can safely do. Cycling can also help you build strength, boost muscular endurance and improve heart health, which makes the bike an attractive option for those passionate about creating or maintaining long-term wellness. It’s an excellent choice for people who want to seriously train and up their fitness levels as well.

The Boom Bike is also good for people who may not have a traditional gym nearby, or for people who work at home or stay home to take care of children. Having an exercise bike at home offers convenience, time-saving properties, and value, as long as you’re using the bike regularly. It’s also a safe option for those who aren’t comfortable taking in-person fitness classes or working out at a gym, without skimping on the community feel and group motivation.


Before purchasing a Boom Bike, it’s important to consider a number of factors. These include your budget, lifestyle, and fitness goals. Weigh out the pros and cons of these elements before deciding once and for all if the Boom Bike is best for your needs. Overall, owning a Boom Bike is a long-term commitment. You’ll want to be sure you’ll enjoy riding it. If you use it frequently enough, it will definitely be more suitable than a traditional gym membership.

Website: freebeatfit.com