What is freebeat brand philosophy?

Brand Philosophy can be defined as the set of values, code of ethics, and principles that define the overall ambience and culture of the organization and formulating the business practices of the firm.

It is the distinguishing factor between the two or more companies in the same marketplace and one with the ethical and lucrative Brand Philosophy commands a premium position in the market and in the psychology of the customers.

Freebeat follows the set of ideologies and principles that govern the mission statement, vision for future endeavours, code of ethics, values, and the modus operandi of the way of conducting the work within the company and way of dealing with the customers, stakeholders, and the external parties.



Ride with honesty.

With every rhythm of the pedal, we score combos to the beat. The gamification system allows us to connect and compete with our friends and family and nurtures deep bonds within the freebeat community. Our mind is free, and we connect with our true and best selves. We believe in the power of sharing and therefore offer all freebeat products at reasonable prices to make positive energy accessible to all. Throughout the synchronous experience, we laugh, we sweat, we grow - and we ride with the best as a community.



Ride with sophistication.

Every drop of sweat counts. freebeat’s sensors would never miss a single pedal from you. Whenever you feel the vibe and give another push on the bike, our system records your performance and recommends the best training program to suit your needs. freebeat knows what you like, and any smart class recommendation could be your new favourite.



Ride with excitement.

Freebeat creates an alternative to any dull fitness routine that burdens us. We have built a fun interactive game to bring studio cycling and strength training experience to the comfort of your home. Our tech team designs distinct computer-generated special effects for each class according to the rhythm so that each course is unique and flows through the vibe perfectly. The beat-matching gamification makes it feel like dancing with a smart bike instead of just working out on a stationary bike.