Don't Lose Momentum: Go that extra mile TODAY

Everyday life can become an autopilot routine of checking off boxes and doing the same thing until you start over again. The feeling of never getting anything done can start to follow you even when you've already completed all those pre-assigned tasks, but how come you don't feel like you're getting any better at it?

Getting stuck in a routine is nothing to be ashamed of. But feeling like you're not improving at it can make you lose motivation and begin to grind down on your self-esteem. When you don't feel good about yourself, your work, or your routine, stress builds up, leading to one of the most dangerous illnesses we face today: Burnout.

The true trigger that causes a burnout isn't just stress. It's feeling like you're not getting better. That leads to you losing interest in doing the things you really love. We shouldn't feel like we have to sacrifice what we love and are good at it in order to get through our daily routine. That's why freebeat's here to help you beat burnout before it even sets in!

The skill of beating burnout begins with changing your daily routine with a dose of various structured exercises! Whether you decide to take an hour out of your day or can only schedule twenty minutes for a quick bike ride, freebeat is here to help you stay on track. Each freebeat bike has a built-in exercise regimen that promotes a variety of courses and can help add a healthy surprise dose to your daily routine! This change in your exercise regimen doesn't just strengthen your body. It also helps keep your mind sharp by forcing you to pay attention to subtle changes while focusing on picking up a new rhythm.

By changing your psychological perspective, exercise can help you beat burnout every day by challenging yourself a little more each time. When you push your body harder, your mind benefits from self-motivating chemicals known as endorphins to keep you focused and alert on the bike. Stress-beating endorphins will push burnout away and help you attain that authentic joy you once felt in your daily routine!

Today is the perfect day to beat your record, hit a new speed set, and finish the day happier. We want to bring you closer not just to your fitness goals but to your ideal lifestyle. freebeat's fitness community is here to keep you motivated every day!