What to Eat Before Indoor Cycling

Food is fuel that can help you increase your stamina and energy. To avoid a food coma, it's a good idea to eat something light before a workout about an hour in advance. Here are some ideas of healthy pre-workout snacks to help you power through your indoor cycling workout.



You can't go wrong with snacking on some fruits before your workout. Fruits provide natural sugars and nutrient rich energy to your body. Bananas make for a popular choice as they are rich in carbs and will help you keep going during your workout. Bananas are also high in potassium which helps prevent muscle cramps. Berries are another great option as they provide many antioxidants in addition to plenty of energy.



Yogurt is a good idea since it contains both complex carbohydrates and lean proteins, which are necessary fuel for your muscles. Yogurt also contains calcium which is good for your bones. Yogurt is not only delicious but easy on the digestive system. You can always add some cereal or fruits to your yogurt to make it even more nutritious and fun to eat. Opt for plain natural yogurts or greek yogurt.


Oatmeal or Cereal

Oatmeal and cereal are relatively easy to digest and a great source of carbohydrate energy. You can also choose to add some fruits to your oameal or cereal bowl. Choose high fiber cereals made of whole grain and avoid high sugar options. These foods contain starches and slow-burn carbs which help you maintain a steadier blood sugar level throughout your exercise.


Energy Bars, Whole Wheat Bread/Crackers, Nuts, or Granola

Whole wheat or multigrain crackers and bread are a healthy choice. Granola bars or energy bars eaten before a workout also increase your energy reserves. Look for ones that are packed with nuts, seeds, and granola. They also offer a host of nutritional value from carbs to fibre, protein, and fat. Trail mix and nuts also provide good energy and are high in protein and healthy fats.


Protein Smoothie or Eggs/Chicken

Protein is important for a workout as it is a primary building block of muscle. Eggs are an excellent natural source of protein. You can scramble them or make them hard-boiled. Another way to get your protein is to eat lean chicken meat such as chicken thighs or chicken breast. You can also add pre-workout protein powder to your smoothie for a protein boost. The berries and fruits in the smoothie also offer fast-digesting carbohydrate nutrition in addition to protein.