Indoor Cycling & Stationary Bike Accessories

At freebeat™, we’re all about creating an immersive, fun, and authentic cycling experience for riders across the Whole World. Our stationary bikes are fully gamified, interactive, and loaded with thousands of exhilarating classes and workout experiences to try. That’s not all — we also offer an exciting range of spin bike accessories to optimize your workout. 

Our spin bike accessories aren’t your average gym tools. Much like our bikes, they have been designed to deliver a stellar home workout — and they’re modern, cute, and stylish, too. Plus, they’re versatile. You can use these accessories to crush your freebeat™ workouts and many other favorite strength and resistance-training programs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have burning questions about freebeat™ spin bike accessories? We have the answers.

What Accessories Do I Need for Indoor Cycling?

With freebeat™ equipment, everything you need is already integrated into your bike’s system: a rotating HD touch screen, gamified classes taught by rockstar instructors, artist-generated visuals, pumping tunes, and innovative smart technology that adjusts your resistance levels and senses whether you’re on the saddle. You can jump onto your bike and complete a heart-pumping workout — no accessories required.

However, we offer a number of exercise bike accessories that can enhance and optimize your freebeat™ cycling experience, like resistance tools, sweatbands, dumbbells, and specialized pedals. We even have freebeat™ glass water bottles so that you can stay hydrated even during the sweatiest spin session.

How Do I Upgrade My Stationary Bike?

Look, we’re sure that your Average Joe stationary bike has served its purpose over the years. But now we’re in the 2020s! Home workouts have changed for the better.

The time has come to upgrade your stationary bike — and that’s where freebeat™ can help. Our spin bikes were developed to deliver an immersive, authentic, interactive cycling experience at home. With thousands of gamified classes to learn from, a countrywide network of riders to compete against, and smart technology that works with your pace and ability, freebeat™ bikes have changed the game.

To upgrade your indoor cycling experience, begin by browsing our range of stationary home bikes. Once you’ve found your winner, you can order a freebeat™ bike immediately. Don’t worry. We know this can be an investment. That’s why we always provide 0% financing options, a 10-year product warranty, and 24/7 contact center in case you have any issues.

Why Purchase Stationary Bike Accessories From freebeat™?

Our stationary bike accessories were impeccably designed to enhance the freebeat™ cycling experience and help our riders smash even more of their fitness goals. These tools help hone in on your workout and participate in even more exercise styles. They are high-quality, effective, and aesthetically pleasing —  everything the modern athlete needs for an incredible cardio workout.